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Website Builder is an Internet-based website designing application that allows users to produce professional-looking website in very little time.  With this, you can help your customers develop websites within minutes. An online website builder helps your customers obtain a fully functional online presence. Besides, updating the website’s content or adding new content, images or multimedia content is easier via a user-friendly interface.
What are website builders for?
These systems are perfect for individuals, freelancers, photographers, small-time businesses and start-ups.

Give Customers a Comprehensive Website Builder
Website Builder tool helps your customers build fully fledged websites quickly. Your customer can be charged on the basis of the Web Space and the number of web pages specified with a particular plan.
While conventional content management systems were designed to administer large websites, online website builders were designed keeping smaller website projects in mind. Essentially, the user doesn’t require much of technical know-how or special programming skills like installing a CMS, applying a template, or creating a database.

Advantages of Using a Website Builder
  • Reduced Cost – Using a website builder reduces the cost of developing and maintaining a website significantly.
  • No Coding – With a website builder, one doesn’t need to learn HTML or any other type of website coding. Choose any of the templates to develop a website that fits the business perfectly.
  • High Quality Graphics – A website builder gives you access to high-quality website graphics which can be used at no additional cost. These graphics can be used to enhance the website pages thereby making the site more attractive for visitors.
  • Ease of use – Almost all website builders offer a drag and drop facility, which means the user need not write a new code every time for every change he wishes to make to the website. It thus gives the user the ability to upgrade content and images very easily.

Drag and Drop Website Editor
No need to know HTML. Simply drag elements to your website.

Free Stock Photos and Beautiful Fonts
Modify any theme with professional photography and unique typography.

Responsive Website Templates
Website templates that look great on all devices, no extra work required!

Ecommerce Shopping Cart and Paypal Sales
Sell products from your website - one at a time or with a complete shopping cart.

Dynamic eBay Product Listings
Keep your website visitors up to date on all of your eBay auction items.

Search Engine Optimization and Real-time Statistics
Comprehensive SEO features ensure your site will be ranked prominently in the search engines.

Custom Domains
Whether for a business site or a personal site, it is always beneficial to have a domain name.

Expand your audience with social sharing
Twitter,Facebook, Google Plus, and hundreds of other social activity widgets available.

Upload Photos and Create Galleries and Slideshows
Amazing Photo Organization and Management with easy Drag and Drop Folders.

Thousands of Professional Stock Photos
Don't pay for professional photography, we have the perfect image you are looking for.

Engage Users with MultiMedia
Add audio files and videos from YouTube and Vimeo, or upload your own.

MTA Solutions Website Builder is the easiest way to build a website - what are you waiting for? ORDER NOW

MTA Solutions Web Developer

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