Why You Should Never Use a Free Web Hosting

Who doesn’t love FREE Stuff? I’m sure you do. Honestly, we also love freebies. Although, not everything free is good for you. Here are a few reasons for why you must contemplate before opting for free web-hosting.
  1. Limited Templates

    You will have very few options when it comes to templates. Selecting a limited range of templates may not be an issue, but manipulating or making changes to them may not really be an option. Free web hosting providers may not provide you with an efficient content management system which limits the functionality of your website. Not having an efficient CMS just makes things more problematic if you want to add more visual appeal to your site. Basically, you will have to follow the norms given to you by your free web hosting provider.

  2. Unpredictable:

    Hypothetically, say you have a business website, a free site that gets a lot of traffic and ultimately helping you rake in money. If you’re using a free web host, your website is practically owned by your hosting provider. So, there might be a risk of it being taken down. Free web hosting providers may not offer you regular backups. You are responsible for backing up your files and unless you do it yourself, you’re most likely to lose all your data. Another thing to keep in mind is that there is no formal contract, no support since it a free service. Thus, no one is liable to answer you if things go awry.  Free web hosting providers could cause you to lose income. They are also stringent on their advertising policy.

  3. Hacker-prone: 

    Since free websites lack versatility when it comes to the visual aspect of it, security-wise, you should definitely not be expecting much. If you are unable to integrate SSL certificates & anti-malware, you are pretty vulnerable to hackers and spammers.

  4. Not search engine-friendly: 

    There are multiple reasons for why search engines can avoid your free site from showing up at all. Slow website load speed, downtime, not to forget the point mentioned above are some of the prominent reasons. Yes! Low-quality spam sites which are often hosted on free servers can result in poor search engine ranking as well. Free websites and servers are a hacker’s playground. All in all, search engines may have a very unfriendly disposition towards your site.

  5. Limited file upload: 

    Free web servers provide a stipulated amount of space for each website it hosts. And when I say stipulated I mean highly unrealistic limits on file uploads, bandwidth and storage. If you are planning to upload files on a regular basis and manage to reach your limit, you may have to go through an optional paid service to add more storage space to your website. A free hosting provider can give you a platform with too many constraints and you could reach  resource limits very soon. This makes things very unsavory for you and your audience. Also, your hosting provider may delete your content whenever they feel like which is in accordance with their terms and conditions.

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